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  • Flawlessly

    "Industrial Scaffold has performed flawlessly, their safety has been perfect to date and their paperwork has been top notch in all aspects"
  • Partnership

    "I look forward to keeping this partnership alive and well by ensuring we offer them the same professionalism"
  • Dedication

    "Dedication to working safely, on time, and within budget has been an asset ISSL has proven that they are capable of adjusting to changes in scope and schedule seamlessly."
  • Image

    "(ISSL) has improved the safety of our workforce and our image as a business."
  • Professionalism

    "Irrespective of the size and/or duration of the work, ISSL has continually demonstrated the professionalism, urgency and technical ability required to ensure successful project completion."
  • Beyond Expectations

    "Have been more than willing to go beyond expectations when circumstances demand."
  • Quality

    "The quality, thoroughness and timeliness of the work have been outstanding."
  • Teamwork

    "The team performs well together on the job site."
  • Safe and Timely Manner

    "They have erected major scaffolding jobs for us in a safe and timely manner."
  • Superior Service

    "We have used many other companies and now use only Industrial Scaffold Service."
  • Safety First

    "ISSL have always put safety first and foremost in their work."
  • Tagging System

    "I appreciate their tag system and sign off of scaffolding systems prior to mill crews or other contractors utilizing the scaffolding."
  • Respectful

    "ISSL personnel have always been respectful and mindful of following mill policies and procedures."
  • Part of the Solution

    "They have worked to be part of the solution in addressing scope changes or found work."
  • High Standards

    "Their employees have exercised highest standards of commitments to the safe and expeditious task of our mill’s project needs."
  • Maintaining Performance

    "During the mill outages when time is of particular criticality the level of quality and safe performance practices has always been maintained."
  • Planning

    "We have found that not all subcontractors share our belief that planning is critical for a successful job. Industrial Scaffold Services L.P. is one of the contractors we can rely on to properly plan a job, and execute the job safely and efficiently."
  • Utilize

    "We will continue to utilize the services of Industrial Scaffold."
  • Known For

    "At all sites ISSL is known for: promoting a safe work environment, professional and courteous management and supervision, quick response to client requests, cost effectiveness, eagerness to work with the client and other contractors, identifying innovative solutions."
  • Extra Mile

    "Impressed with ISSL’s attitude to going the extra mile."
  • Efficient and Responsive

    "They were found to be quite efficient and responsive to our requests."
  • Relationship

    "We have a very good relationship with Industrial Scaffold and continue to use them for our scaffolding needs."
  • Irregular Conditions

    "The work has covered a wide variety of applications: high elevation pipe and equipment access, tank external and internal access, and many irregular and special conditions."
  • Recommendation

    "We have been very pleased with the service provided and have no hesitation in recommending Industrial Scaffold."
  • Efficient

    "We have never been delayed due to 'wasted time' on the part of the scaffolders."
  • Expertise

    "I would encourage any company to give ISSL the opportunity to prove their abilities, flexibility, and expertise, in any atmosphere."
  • Highly Recommend

    "I have no hesitation in offering this company a reference; I can highly recommend Al and his staff at Industrial Scaffold."
  • Able to Adapt

    "As a group are dedicated to safety, pay great attention to detail and adapt to our needs as a client when the plan has to change."
  • Reliable

    "I would highly recommend this contractor to any company who are looking to hire a good reliable scaffolding contractor."
  • Safety Culture

    "Your company's achievements of a truly "safety culture" in a heavy industrial environment are commendable."